Ductless Heat Pumps

Have you considered a tankless hot water heater? Going “tankless” provides an endless stream of clean, hot water, with up to a 40% savings in energy costs savings over conventional tank-style water heaters. Part of the energy-efficiency of a tankless water heater is due to the fact it heats water only when it’s needed. At Northwest Energy Systems we install, maintain and repair several brands of tankless water heaters.

Below are manufacturers links with lots of product information from some of the many companies we have come to trust. If you have any questions on any product or products you see or would like information on installation or pricing please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist you the best we can.

Humidity Control with Fresh Air Supply Ventilation.

Daikin’s Ururu Sarara series of air conditioners is the first in the world to offer humidifying and drying functions for humidity control along with fresh air supply ventilation. It provides advanced climate control for an optimally comfortable indoor environment.

New technology revolutionizes the heat pump.

Unlike older, inefficient heat pumps, there is no cold air delivery with Mitsubishi Electric’s HVAC systems. Larger coils heat faster, and the Hot StartTM system doesn’t activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached so it never blows cold air. What’s more, select models use Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i®) technology that operates effectively down to -13º F. With this improvement these models give true year-round comfort from a single system. Even with this amazing cold weather performance, there are no energy consuming electric resistence heating elements to increase your utility bills.

Bosch heat pumps are highly efficient, electric solutions for heating and cooling residential homes and commercial buildings. Driven by industry-leading inverter technology, Bosch heat pumps are designed for smart and sustainable home comfort. Bosch heat pumps are driven by highly efficient inverter technology. Conventional heat pumps frequently cycle on and off, which can cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. However, inverter-driven heat pumps are able to self-adjust. The inverter compressor is able to change its frequency to match the demand for heating or cooling, providing a consistent, comfortable room temperature.